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HTML5 Development

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML that allows development of dynamic websites. In fact, this overcomes the limitations associated with XHTML and HTML. HTML5 web development gives users various interactive features without having to install any additional plug-ins.

What makes HTML5 a better choice?

HTML5 offers some great features that aren’t available in other technologies. Other striking features of this include:

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    HTML5 development makes it easier to build websites and applications eliminating the need of extensive coding.
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    The built-in canvas option is a great tool in HTML5 application development. It allows developers to create complex animations and graphics besides adding audio and video to the pages.
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    HTML5 is one platform which is independent of the browser as it doesn’t require any plug-ins.
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    Amazing applications and HTML5 websites can be developed using codes that aren’t gibberish to the programmer.
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    The drag and drop support makes creation of the web pages a whole lot easier and helps in saving time.
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    HTML5 features geolocation tagging that employs JavaScript API thereby allowing website owners find the users' location.
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    HTML5 is compatible with a lots of mobile and desktop browsers.

HTML5 Web Development at Sky Productivity

Since the advent of HTML5, Sky Productivity specializes in creating amazing sites and applications. Our HTML5 developers are capable of creating attractive and interactive websites from scratch according to your special requirements. Our qualified developers are well-versed with other platforms like AJAX, WebGL, CSS3 and jQuery among others. We create brilliant websites not just for the computer platform but also for mobiles.

Giving our clients access to the project through a dedicated client support system, we also give our clients the opportunity to communicate with team leader and get insights on the development process. Communicate with our expert teams and get your customized website in no time and at an affordable price. That’s not all. We offer flexible hiring options allowing our valuable clients to hire professionals on a contract basis.

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Looking to create an amazing website to create a strong web presence? Our experienced professionals can assist you in creating wonderful HTML5 web applications. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you.